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Any form of exercise is good, but racquet sports lovers will really enjoy the summer months ahead. Find fast action on the court – be it tennis, badminton, squash, pickleball, racquetball  or ping pong, working on your quick reflexes and equally tricky returns will need you to have the best products for these sports.

From insider’s tips on how to becoming a better player, to knowing the best equipment and gear to buy for the racquet sport of your choice, our ultimate buyer guides should have you reach the top of your game  in no time!

Who We Are

The way you play can define the type of player you become. Wrist action, the weight of your racquet, and finding one that is perfectly suited to you can make a world of difference to your game’s performance. If you love playing any racquet sports, you will want the know-how on how to bring your game up to speed. The type of racquet you have and play with makes a difference, from grip, to the size – you should take your size and your height into consideration.

As each person is unique, we don’t agree with a one size fits all. Just taking some time and thought into the products you buy for your racquet ball games can be the difference between a bad game and you giving it up, or an awesome one, leaving everyone amazed on the court.

What impression do you want to leave on the courts?


Tennis is a great game to keep fit – play singles or doubles, this game is a challenging one, where you have to not only return your opponents shots, but also try to manoeuvre the ball so your opponent can’t give back a valid return. Knowing how to hold your racquet to knowing the way to return the ball can make you head for Wimbledon or the showers. We will give you tips on how to prevent injuries and how to get your A game on, so you could be the new Martina Hingis or the next Roger Federer.


Even though it has no tennis ball, and only a shuttlecock, don’t underestimate the skill it takes to really crush an opponent. The higher net, and the different badminton racquets pose a different playing style and skill than other racquet sports. Knowing how to smash, or place the shuttlecock can win you the game. It is strategy that will lead you to victory, along with the best racquets that you can have for you. Even the type of shuttlecock can change your game play – from feathered to plastic – each affects your stroke. We will share our knowledge of the game and the best products for the sport, so that you are a ninja on the court, and invincible for your team.

Ping Pong

When you watch ping pong matches on TV it can get dazzling with the speed of the ball whizzing from different sides of the table. But you can be that player as well!!! Knowing the ways of holding the ping pong racquet can change the way the ball is served to your opponent. Learn tips on how to spin the ball, and the dos and don’ts of the game so even if you’re a newbie, you won’t look like one.


A perfect way of letting off some steam and being fit, squash is a great sport that requires either two (singles) or a doubles game of four players. Using a rubber ball and a four walled court, it is different from other racquet sports where you have to aim the ball across a net to your opponent’s side. Here you have to aim at any playable surface of the court’s four walls. A high speed game, this uses up a lot of energy and will get your adrenalin pumping. Of course, the type of ball and racquet you have will define your game’s performance. Get our insider’s tips on how to smash your way to victory.


This game is very different from other racquet sports as there is no net and every surface is legal – aim for the ceiling, the walls or the floor of the court – it’s all fair game. Racquetball is a faced paced game, which combines the basics of many racquet ball sports, to make one which is not only easy to learn, but easy to play as well. Reading our buyer guides and inside tips will help you take your racquetball game to the next level.


It may seem like a cross between tennis, badminton and ping pong – but don’t let this game fool you. You will need energy, stamina and skill to win your points. Knowing how to send your bull on a curved spin, how to place the ball on the court as well as knowing where to stand in court can help you be prepared against a team better than yours. With our help, you can breeze your way to many wins on the court. Following our tips and info in our buying guides will help you choose the best paddle, based on the material used and your own body structure.